Announcing General Availability

Today, the Aera protocol enters our general availability phase and shares news of our $8 million token sale. We’ve been hard at work for the past year piloting the protocol with some of DeFi’s leading DAOs and adding essential features to make autonomous onchain treasury management completely seamless. Here’s where we’re at today:

Aera is specifically built to enable DAOs to autonomously manage their treasuries by selecting long-term strategy targets and then simplifying the strategy’s routine maintenance tasks, such as portfolio rebalancing. By minimizing routine maintenance tasks, the need for ongoing DAO treasury governance is also minimized, empowering forward-thinking DAOs to adopt responsive, effective, and sophisticated treasury management practices. With Aera, DAOs can set and monitor long-term financial objectives that respond quickly to changes in market conditions, mitigate custody risks with transparent and noncustodial onchain operation, and minimize dangers associated with misaligned incentives — all without the burden of frequent governance votes. You can read our full press release on Aera’s progress and token sale here.

Aera now enables DAOs to:

  • Select from various strategic targets for their treasury, including risk management via volatility targeting, deepening liquidity, generating yield on idle holdings, and diversifying treasury assets

  • Benefit from continuous, autonomous rebalancing of vault assets to track targets, all without the need for routine, burdensome governance votes

  • Specify allow-listing of assets and protocols via Aera’s audited smart contract, ensuring treasury assets are exposed only to pre-approved forms of risk

  • See reporting dashboards showing data from the fully onchain protocol, ensuring transparent, real-time information on investment performance

  • Use Aera’s no-lockup, noncustodial design, ensuring they remain in full control of their assets and can withdraw at any time without penalty

Reach out to Gauntlet, the team that built Aera, to learn more about leveling up DAO treasury management by contacting

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